In the crisis of more than three decades, severe damages have been inflicted on all national institutions, including the education system, therefore, in order to restore and achieve its high goals, it is necessary to pay special attention in this direction, for this purpose, drafting and implementing a bylaw in This context requires that we refer to it below:

1- Professors should do their best to understand students regardless of the number of students.

2- The professors have no right to punish the student in any way, and if a student is not paying attention to the lesson or does something against the spirit of education, he should be immediately introduced to the school administration.

3- In order to comply with attendance and prepare teaching materials, the teacher should be present at the school environment at least 15 minutes before the start of the lesson.

4- Professors should not use their mobile phones during class hours except in cases of necessity.

5- Teachers should not leave the school during class hours without permission from the management.

6- The professors are obliged to actively participate in the seminars and workshops organized by the department.

7- Teachers should maintain the spirit of team work and not shy away from any kind of cooperation and cooperation with other colleagues.

8- It is necessary for the guardian to be regularly informed about the school during the academic year and will be in contact with this office in order to cooperate in the education and upbringing of their child.

9- The presence of parents and their participation in the association of parents and teachers of the planned school, and the presence of one of the parents in the meetings and seminars where they are invited, is mandatory, and in case of repeated non-participation, the student will be expelled from the school.

10- It is necessary to carry the student’s identity card in school.

11- Mandatory school uniform for boys and girls, with the observance of the mask and Islamic clothing for girls.

12- Administration of Herat Virtue Educational Institute is responsible for the protection of students inside the school.

Compliance with the above is mandatory for teachers and students and they are obliged to implement it.